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Our Story

Home- Simply stated we at Niko Bar & Grill have one singular mission - To make our guests feel at home.


Aside from great food, classic cocktails, and impeccable service-which we pride ourselves on, having been in the industry for years- we realize people look for one more intangible in a dining establishment. Atmosphere.


Whether it's a friendly gesture from our wait staff, enjoying one of the craft cocktails brilliantly engineered by owner Peter Badavas on our extensive drink menu, or trying one of our fresh signature dishes, we strive to create a warm, relaxing atmosphere to help create a reprieve from life's everyday stresses.


We at Niko Bar & Grill make it our promise to you, the customer, to create a warm, family-friendly atmosphere that will make you say: "You can go home again."


The face of Niko:


Although many of you may remember Peter as "Pete the bartender from Christos' here is a little more insight into his background. Like many in the industry, Peter was born into the family business. The nephew of the late Christos Tsaganis, owner of the world renowned Christos Restaurant in Brockton, Ma, Peter learned his craft at a young age having spent countless hours alongside Christo and his father, Steve, who served as Christos right-hand man for nearly 40 years. Peter had to work himself up through the ranks having served as maintenance, dishwasher, and busboy amongst other duties before settling into the role of lead bartender ( a position he proudly held until the closing of the landmark institution). Along with his father and uncle, Peter was fortunate to learn the ins-and-outs of the business from veteran bartenders, cooks, and wait staff who had been loyal to Christos for over 30 years.


Peter Badavas (Owner) 

Upon the closing of Christos, Peter  paired up with Tommy Doyle of Doyle's Bar & Grill, and helped Tommy open his latest location -Tommy Doyle's at Sidelines in March of 2014. Having served as Doyle's bar manager over the past year, Peter  not only knows how to expertly craft up a cocktail, but more importantly, he knows what it takes to get a new restaurant built from the ground up. Whether it be working at a landmark institution such as Christos or an upstart venture such as Tommy Doyle's at Sidelines, Peter plans on utilizing the skills he learned from these two great restaurateurs and incorporating them into his newest venture-Niko Bar & Grill.

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